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The     house     has     been     recently     renovated     and     the apartment   has   followed   a   total   re-styling   ,   using   modern materials    of    new    generation.    Tastefully    furnished    in    a simple   and   functional   ,   the   flat   is   equipped   with   every comfort   :   safe,   heating,   air   conditioning   in   all   rooms   ,   WiFi ,    large    LCD    TV    ,    washing    machine    and    dishwasher, microwave, hair dryer , freezer , iron . The     apartment     is     on     the     ground     floor     and     has     a comfortable   and   modern   living   room   with   corner   kitchen   , a    large    bedroom    ,    a    bathroom    with    shower,    a    second bedroom with full bath room , garden front of the house The   kitchen   is   three   meters   wide,   with   4   gas   hob,   electric oven     /     grill,     microwave,     refrigerator     ,     freezer,     and dishwasher    tostatpane    .    You    will    find    inside    :    dishes    , cookware   ,   cutlery,   kitchen   appliances   and   coffee   machine . The linen and towels are included in the price. The   rooms   of   the   apartments   are   furnished   in   a   pleasant way   ,   including   two   fitted   wardrobes   and   you   will   find   all the things needed for a comfortable holiday. The   apartments   are   recommended   for   either   a   business trip    or    for    a    holiday    on    the    dynamic    and    charming renowned     Treviso     ,     in     complete     independence     and privacy. The   quality   /   price   ratio   is   quite   favorable   ,   as   evidenced by    our    regulars    guests    who    each    year    confirm    their holidays with us . There   are   no   other   hidden   costs   .   Free   parking   in   front   of the   house   allows   the   parking   of   any   vehicle   regardless   of time-meter.  
SELF CATERING APARTMENTS                       by  “ Gabry “